For the past 10 consecutive years, the Cooper Camp has been able to maintain a very high success rate with bears weighing over 300, 350, and even 400 pounds. To help sustain the black bear population, we limit hunters to our prime territory of 2,500 square miles and rotate the different hunting grounds, thus ensuring aquality hunt year after year. For the upcoming season, we will improve black bear hunting methods by promoting the trophy hunt. We have chosen to spare cubs and females as much as possible.

Our famous Cooper Camp has almost 25 years experience in black bear hunting with an annual success rate of almost 100%. For the past ten years, the largest bear of the season has been found at this camp.

Of the three locations, Cooper is furthest to the north (approximately seven hours from MontrĂ©al). It is located in the fabulous game reserve north of Ashuapmushan, and is the ideal place for an unforgettable black bear and fishing adventure. Over twenty lakes with an incredible fishing potential are part of the territory exploited by Cooper Camp. Located on the edge of Ventadour Lake, in an area of water covering approximately 2400 square miles, dotted with a host of island sanctuaries, the site has satisfied fishermen and black bear hunters, season after season. Here, Northern Pike abounds – some weighing up to 35 pounds, and Walleye and Giant Pike sometimes reach a respectable 15 pounds. Black Bear of 300, 400 and even 450 pounds are taken every year.

Why is Cooper Camp so famous for its high quality fishing and black bear hunting ?

It’s because management has, from the outset, adopted and enforced strict practices regarding the up-keep of lakes and fishing quotas. Fish stocks are never stressed during the spawning season, so that the larger specimens can reproduce naturally. Also, two or three lakes are closed annually on a rotational basis so as to ensure proper replenishment of fish stocks. Meanwhile, two other lakes are kept open for your constant enjoyment. As for black bear hunting, we do a lot to protect females and cubs.

Maps and Directions to Cooper Camp

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