We guarantee that you have the opportunity to harvest a bear during your hunt with Cooper Camp.

If not, you are invited to come back the following year FREE of charge or get a $1000 refund.

Your bear hunt is guaranteed…but there are 10  rules to be observed:

1)      No food on the hunting blind and no drink such as beer (water is OK)

2)      No bug spray …bug jacket and pants is realy what you need


4)      Hunter shall not go to barrel or close to the bait …Hunter must stay on its blind

5)      No electronic or aerosol devise to keep bugs away

6)      The guarantee will not apply if hunter refuses to go hunting unless it’s a healt reason

7)      Only “silent” cameras are accepted on site

8)      No after shave lotion, no odorant soap, no parfum

9)      The hunter has to be alone on is stand, if he wants a companion the guaranteed is void

10)  If hunter refuses to shoot a female or cubs, the guarantee keeps on going

If the hunter shoots a bear and misses him, our guide will make everything possible to retrace the animal. If blood is found, the hunt is over.

We will do all we can to make your hunt a successful one but remember, your best bet is to follow your guide instruction!