Bear Facts


REGARDLESS OF WHERE YOU MIGHT DISCOVER BLACK BEARS YOU CAN BE ASSURED THEY ARE EXCELLENT TREE CLIMBERS.They typically prefer forested areas, mountains, and swamps with some even selecting the high ridge lines for their homes.  Many believe black bears are "black" only in coloration, but the contrary.  Many are brown, blue-gray, cinnamon and even blue-black.  Being opportunistic eaters their diet may consist of everything from roots, berries, grasses, insects to fish and other mammals.   The greatest danger regarding black bears, and any bear for that matter is its contact with humans and human types of food.  Campsites must be  swept clean of all foods with camping in black bear country...or any area bears of any type might be located.


Perhaps the greatest danger to black bears, and other species of bear is poaching considering the appetite for bear parts in foreign countries such as Japan, China, and Korea.  From the Grizzly bear to the Polar bear and including black bears, there remains a black market for bear parts such as paws, hearts, and galls.   Hunters should be constantly aware of individuals seeking bear parts.  The penalties are swift and severe for anyone partaking in this illegal trade.


Due to the increase in black bears in North America along with the increasing numbers of Spring Black Bears in Quebec and other locations in Canada, there is the need for culling a selected population of black bears to maintain a healthy, vibrant population in the Northern Hemisphere.

Bear Hunts, therefore, have become increasingly popular among avid black bear enjoy!


Quebec, Canada is home to a population of 100,000 plus black bears. 

Pennsylvania claims nearly 15,000 black bears; New Jersey - 3500 plus and North Carolina over 11,000 black bears. Black bears are presently making in-roads into states like Florida and Rhode Island. Quebec spring bear hunts are among the most popular bear hunts thanks to the experienced crew of Cooper Camp who understands both the black bear and its hunter.  Both Bow and Rifle black bear hunts are increasingly exciting!


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