What To Bring


We recommend you bring good waterproof clothing as well as clothing for a variety of weather conditions. Especially at the beginning of summer, there can be huge temperature variations throughout the day and evening. Plan ahead! Above all, don't forget your raincoat, boots, walking shoes, orange garment, and your bug suit or bug jacket -  it's a must.

For Sleeping

We supply the pillows but not the bedding and pillowcase.  You must bring your sleeping bag or blankets (sheets and warm blankets).

Other useful accessories

Insect repellent, sun screen, hat, personal amenities, warm clothes, shorts and t-shirts, bathing suit, towel, sandals, ice box, cheese cloths or meat bags to protect your meat, bug jacket or bug suits.


The law states that all people involved in hunting must wear blaze orange or reddish-yellow fluorescent garments which cover at least 400 square inches of the individual's back, shoulders, and chest. The garment must be visible from all angles. Any hunter not wearing such a garment is subject to a fine.

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